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Friday, June 23, 2017

Splash of Summer

I have Learned from the old masters and have Taken a Workshop from David Leffel and it is still one of my favorite artists and he is Inspiration to me and I respect his work and way to Teach as well as how he paints. I have painted many pictures in this style that I have not posted. I have used maroger, although this is expensive.After having written my book, and experienced many things in my life such as illness and PTSD I as a Person have changed a Lot. And i Wish to reflect this in my paintings by starting to Paint more expressively as it gives me more possibility to go deeper into nature, personality and our surroundings. This painting represents summer and flowers and Shakes. I know many people May think this is not real art but it actually Takes me longer to Paint These than it does for me to Paint seascapes.

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