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Sunday, June 25, 2017

I was sitting outside with my daughter while my husband and sons went camping. We were talking and she was looking at the sky, watching the stars, I looked up as well, trying to find what she found so beautiful. I asked her why she likes stars so much and she said she likes them because we are the stars, we are all made of stardust. Looking up at the Sky is like looking at a Million different memories and a Million different Versions of what used to be, we Wish upon stars and in a way each of us is a Star. I looked at her intently and thought about what she was saying and the idea for this picture came to me. Stars and outer space are beautiful in a way other things arent, partially because of human infatuation with things we do not fully understand and the Beauty we See in concepts that we cannot fully grasp

Saturday, June 24, 2017

This is an old picture that I started a while Ago using structure paste and focusing primarily on Texture. This is the first time in my life I have used so much pink in an image. I added some more color to the old painting to create this.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Splash of Summer

I have Learned from the old masters and have Taken a Workshop from David Leffel and it is still one of my favorite artists and he is Inspiration to me and I respect his work and way to Teach as well as how he paints. I have painted many pictures in this style that I have not posted. I have used maroger, although this is expensive.After having written my book, and experienced many things in my life such as illness and PTSD I as a Person have changed a Lot. And i Wish to reflect this in my paintings by starting to Paint more expressively as it gives me more possibility to go deeper into nature, personality and our surroundings. This painting represents summer and flowers and Shakes. I know many people May think this is not real art but it actually Takes me longer to Paint These than it does for me to Paint seascapes.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


This is an expressive piece and was just meant to be creative and fun even though it Took me a couple of Hours to complete. You can See whatever you Like in this painting, for example my daughter Said it Looks like there is a Smiley face painted in white in the upper left Hand Corner. Can you find it? She also Said that the ​dark Blue Paint with the white/blue Spots Look Comets and Stars.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This is my latest painting, i was thinking of happiness  when i painted it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

People are enjoying the nice Weather at the beach in California just like me, it is so nice to See how people are relaxing and the smiles on their faces as well as the jumping around and happy yells are nice to hear. It's fun to paint happiness. Life is too short and serious to miss such nice opportunity.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I hope that one day I can buy a house at the beach because I love it so much. The Problem is just that whenever I go to the beach I end up bringing home my own mini beach in the form of sand in my shoes and on my clothes. The house on the beach is just another dream I suppose but it would make my travel time from home to the Ocean less if i live directly beside it.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This is a quiet peace painted from a picture I took at the ocean, I especially like this because it is a quiet picture without people and there are no distractions, there is a subtle variety of color which I think makes this painting very pleasing. I worked with cold wax and a plaette knife to create texture and thin layers of color to create a moody atmosphere. It was taken in Tillamook, Oregon. One of my favorite places in the world, my family and I used to go there all the time in our RV. It was a place to get away and enjoy.

Monday, June 5, 2017

We went camping with the children over the weekend and the children couldn't go into the water because the waves were too strong and it was rather cold so I took a picture instead and painted it.  I  used some new brushes and colors that I bought recently. I worked with a palett knife and brushes and blue, green, beige and gray colors.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

First painting on a new blog! Different country, different blog. Since we moved, I got a new email address and am no longer able to access my old blog so I will be starting a new one here. It sucks to have to do all this work all over again. If you are interested in some of my older works I will attach a link below but please be aware that that blog is no longer active. This painting is one of my classics as many of you know seascapes are something I frequently make, a plain open air painting drawn at the beach. Welcome back.